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SUNDAY, September 15th / Novara - Peschici 830 Km
We leave at 7:00 from the sleepy Novara with the plans of reaching the italian Adriatic coast as soon as possible. The first stop is scheduled in the Conero area, chosen as a midway point before  reaching the white cliffs of Puglia. The highway is flowing freely but the exit of Porto Recanati is closed (due to a gathering of the Catholic Association with the Pope) so we decide to change our plans and head straight for Peschici earning an additional precious day to our holidays. Around 18:30 we easily reached Peschici, Camping Baia San Nicola meets all our expectations, referred to us by a friend we then looked it up on internet. Pleased with our choice, even without camper service (although there is no need these days), the village offers all the principal services included in the price of the camping pitch; hot water, elec, electricity, beach umbrella with lounge chairs. Mino the Manager and his wife are exqisitely warm-hearting, the camp site is small but welcoming, it's positioned directly by the sea, in the splendid San Nicola bay. We placed our camper a few steps from the golden sandy beach and within an hour we are ready to eat...the sea air is known to bring appetite.
Thursday, July 10th 12:30 p.m. Busy with my rounds of the holiday structures on the Gargano, I'm now at the Baia di San Nicola in Peschici.
Mino (owner of the camping Baia San Nicola) is not aware that I'm about to drop in, though we do not kow each other we have friends in common I met him near the reception and I present myself, he shows me in and we start talking, Mino keeps going on telling me about the many years spent in this bay, his memories and many sacrifices in buildinbg a business, he tells me how as a child he helped his parents which had started the business in this naturally beautiful and picturesque Baia San Nicola, behind him a splendid, calm and serene sea of colors.
I had no doubt that Mino would have conquered me and that I would walk away enriched by this encounter, I knew about his love for this land, his battles for the awareness of the Gargano. Mino is like that, within minutes he wins you over, he talks like someone who has travelled the world and crossed various cultures. In just ten minutes heard him speak with his guests in english, a friendly hospitable english and then in german, a warm but garganic german.
I would bring my family here because when I travel I like my children to learn, a vacation can be forgotten if we don't look for those emotions and passion passed on by a culture born and raised by the sea side, and then to leave looking back at the horizon by the sea.
What is the point of a trip or a vacation if nothing remains of those days, relaxation is important as well as the place, but that isn't enough if we don't find something that ties you to a place even id it's only for a brief period.
Baia San Nicola is fantastic, still immersed in a plush green vegetation, but I would stay here for my holidays thenks to Mino, because he is what I find special and sensational, his drive and passion.
While he speaks of the Gargano, it feels like the trees grow faster, the flowers are looking at you, the sea listens to you and that the Gargano is more alive than ever. He greets tourists wighout too much fuss, spontaneously like a friend, he glows with pride and silently fights for this territory to make it better for the next generations.
Below follows the link to Mino's campsite, I would stay at Mino's, if you don't seek hearty hospitality in your vacations, then you can choose many good villages in the area which aren't bad at all, but here there are sentiments that can't be bought.
From Alessandro and Sabrina
Summer 2010, for the tremendous heat exhaustion that haunts you in the last working day before the holidays that aspects of continuous and never get ...
And finally here we are, and 'time to go: August 8, 2010. E 'is part of a Sunday evening to find no traffic during the day they settle the cases. Destination: CAMPING Bay St. NICOLA PESCHICI! The night travel well but you can well imagine what the state we were in the morning arrived. Here is the campsite: a descent that leads to the sea via a car park and towards the reception from 07.00 am already something in the other camps where we were we could dream of. We see Lina sitting at a table on the terrace at the front desk a few minutes from 07.00 and we were already at ease for his warm welcome. There has been prepared breakfast and Agree with a pitch near the car as required via a search for the best accommodation in the beautiful pine forest with a bathroom nearby. Mounting the curtain and through a nice dip in the sea of the Bay! Then a great lunch at the camp restaurant "La Paranza" with fresh seafood appetizer of mussels and peppered one of my favorite dishes. The holiday had taken away! Gargano and the 'beautiful we have traveled far and wide: from Tremiti in Vieste, the Umbra Forest Padre Pio, from Mount St. Angelo at the Tour of the Caves from which we could embark from the Bay of San Nicola. Among other we took a trip to enjoy a little 'relaxation in our camp with the beach front very comfortable, not to make this a holiday stress. In the camp were very well: the people of the staff were very nice, helpful and polite. This heat and this willingness was also transmitted in plots where they found friendly people ready and willing to stop if you need anything. But the availability of Lina Andrea Mino Nicholas the staff members and will never forget the warmth with...
When I took the wrong on the rocks of Vieste, did not miss the ice to put on comfortable chairs and a foot at the last minute. A couple of chairs, one for me and one for Armando although they found they were all full! I think that Lina wanted to bring up the wheelbarrow to my plot, she had another foot and I could not place it. But then Armando decided to take him back. That day one of the first day of the holiday I was very spoiled by my husband and them, especially Lina always asked what I needed if it hurt or whatever, but there have been available to my every request Andrea, Nicholas us immediately found two chairs and Mino with advice on how to treat my ankle. I had almost become a star: all campers and staff, in the days to follow I asked him how he was lucky that his foot had improved. In Lina I found the warmth and friendliness, ease understanding. From her, I was treated like a daughter, a sister! It 'just enough to sympathize! I think it is a special woman: strong including generous attention. I have personally seen what works and how hard, for his campsite for its visitors! The fatigue and the difficulties do not break down even improve it even more as a person! At one point, and I 'always seemed to know it! Armando and 'was very happy and appreciated the warmth of the people who have hosted. His cigarettes and his "small beer" were always fresh and even our cocktails that tasted great sitting on chairs under an umbrella straw! It is also unforgettable gratin of mussels Lina! What to say: 'also a very good cook! I send a warm hug to all without exception and a big thank you for letting us live if not our best vacation that has united us even more to me and my love!
From Jader, Laura, Cristian and Denis
Dear Mino and Lina, return to Bologna was very hard, I would be happy even in your company, but the boss said NO!. however I have a beautiful memory that I personally will never forget your small but beautiful corner of paradise, where thoughts and problems vanish in a moment, will be the sea, the silence that reigns supreme, and the smile of your kids are with you Baia San Nicola would say magical place, where all the staff always has a friendly word and a smile to give, where it seems everyone knows everyone from a life. I will surely return to you in 15 days I have given back the joy to deal with a year's work and everything that follows. THANKS again, with affection Jader, laura, and christian denis
From Family with young children
Baia San Nicola is located in a bay which means that, apart from walking into the camp, to get around is to take the car or the shuttle x the country. Mino and Lina are simply spectacular: they make you feel at home, the campers know by name and always try to help you solve any problem. The campsite is very well structured, there is a supermarket and restaurant and a beautiful beach 5 meters from the tent, the only flaw is the lack of hot water in the sink for dishes and clothes.
From Silvia, Maurizio, Nicolò and Leo
Dear lina and mino and above all a big hug, wish with all my heart, be patecipi your upcoming debut season, and wishing you a season full of satisfaction ultrapositive bubbly, positive, and that magical serenity that managed to convey to all of us making our small holiday carefree, intense and a great inner enrichment and you should know well that is a tough job to reload the hearts of everyone and for this we send a huge thank estrernare always positive because it means immerse us in a magical fairy tale, but it is mainly a difficult job that is called art and you are masters! Thanks again for everything.
Camping Village Baia San Nicola
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